It is compulsory for every student to prepare a Diploma Thesis, on a subject that has direct relation with the real problems of production and/or the services involved. The Permanent and Adjunct Educational Staff (ES) members propose subjects for Diploma Thesis, which afterwards are approved by the Sector and are announced in time to the students. The areas that a Diploma Thesis would cover should be relative to the technological characteristic of the institute.

A common subject for Diploma Thesis could be assigned to a group of up to three (3) students, with simultaneous distribution of work in each student.

It is obligatory and within the teaching duties, every Permanent or Adjunct ES member of the Department to undertake the supervision of a number of Diploma Thesis.

The Head of the Sector appoints, for every Diploma Thesis, an ES member responsible to supervise the progress and the processing of the subject, to guide the students in the search of better solutions, to attend for the necessary facilitations in terms of space and equipment and to oversee the Technical Staff members when their contribution is necessary. Furthermore, the supervisor makes applications to the Head of Department for the availability of any necessary funds for consumables etc. For Diploma Theses that take place outside the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, the supervisor is responsible only for the scientific and technical part of the Diploma Thesis. Supervision of a Diploma Thesis can be assigned to Permanent or Adjunct ES members of other Departments, depending on the requirements of subject, after the decision of the Councils of both Departments.

The timeframe for the Diploma Thesis can be extended after the last semester of studies, depending on the requirements of the subject. The supervision of Diploma Theses that are assigned in Adjunct ES members should be concluded within the timeframe of the contract of the assigned supervisor.

After the completion of the Diploma Thesis and after the approval of the supervising ES member, the final work is submitted to the Secretary of the Department. The Council of the Department decides the date and time in which the presentation of the Diploma Thesis will take place upon the examining committee which consists of three ES members of the Department, with relevant specializations. One of the members of the committee is the supervisor. The presentation could be attended, if they wish, by all ES members and students of the Department.